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The best summer bedding in the Midlands!

We're the perfect place to visit this summer, with one of the largest selections of bedding in the Midlands. We home-grow all of our bedding plants to ensure that you get the finest quality.

Choose from our great selection of pack bedding, including:

🌻 Marigolds

🌺 Begonia

🌼 Lobelia

🌸 Petunia

🌹 Antirrhinum

🌷 Mimulus

🌱 Pansies

💐 Viola

🏵️ Cineraria

Along side our beautiful range of summer basket plants, including our personal favourites:

🌻 Verbena

🌺 Fuchsia

🌼 Calibrachoa

🌸 Petunia

🌹 Lobelia

All pack bedding, mix match £2.99 or 4 for £10!

All 10cl basket plants £1.99 or 10 for £17!

Fancy growing your own this summer? Why not pick up some of our vegetable plants on your next visit?

🍅 Tomato

🥬 Cabbage

🌿 Rhubarb

☘️ Herbs

🍓 Strawberries

🥦 Broccoli

And plenty more!



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