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We are now open to the public


Dear all our customers,

From 12:00 today (Wednesday 13th May) we have taken the decision to fully open our doors to the public. You can now come to the shop and purchase items with us in store.

Please note, the coffee shop remains CLOSED.

Strict social distancing measures are in place, therefore we are only allowing in a maximum of 30 - 40 customers in at a time. As a result, a queuing system may be in force and you may have to wait to get into the store. We expect large demand following this announcement so please expect delays to your visit.

We are also continuing (for now) with online orders (for both collections & deliveries). We are doing this so that our vulnerable customers do not have to visit us in person (deliveries are the best option). Please note, you may experience delays in collections and delivery times as a result of us opening fully to the public.

** We kindly ask that you visit us in store if possible and reserve the deliveries for the most vulnerable as there will be significant delays to online ordering. **

Whilst we are open and operating in store, please respect others and obey social distancing rules.

** Our toilets will be closed to all customers who come and shop with us due to social distancing restrictions. **

Many thanks.

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