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Online products DOUBLED!

It's taken us a while, but we have now DOUBLED the number of products for sale on our website. We have added:

- Slabs

- Tools

- Outdoor surfacing

- Indoor Pots

- Outdoor Pots

- House plants

- Artificial plants

- More lighting

- Twine and wire

- Tools

- Trellis

- Watering cans

- Canes

- Furniture covers

- Outdoor stoves

- Chimeneas

- Patio heaters

- Hosepipes

- More compost

- Wellies

- A HUGE amount of bedding plants

- More bird feed

- Bulbs

- A HUGE amount of shrubs

- Painting equipment

- And much more!

Thank you for your patience while we add more products to our online store. It is a mammoth task which takes a very long time.

Please note, we are still restricting the number of products that we put online due to the large variety of what we sell. If you wish to purchase something which isn't online, please ring us on 01562 885071.

As always, our online store is at

We are adding even MORE products tomorrow! Say hello to giftware and other products.

More products are on the way, keep your eyes peeled.

Team Clent.

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