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Survey Feedback

Hello everyone! We'd like to thank you for taking part in our survey last month, and we'd like to share the results with you.

- It seems that most of you (90%) view our site on your phones and tablets, which surprised us! So we're going to work extra hard to make our site better than ever on mobile devices.

- One controversial issue we have, is our site loads quite slow for some of you, but many of you have also requested we have more photographs on our site! The more photos that we display, the slower the site will load on your devices, over the past few months we have tried our very best to ensure we have maximised the photos on the site, and minimised the loading times. There is no easy way to find the right balance, so we hope that you are happy with the current number of photos we use (Which will be updated throughout the year), and we hope our website loads fast enough for the majority of you.

- Over the next few months, we are also going to try and make our pages more useful and user-friendly to use, as 44% of you felt that some areas of the site could be improved including the graphics and colours, we are aware of this issue, and we're working on it!

- It seems that 90% of you are happy with our Facebook and social media presence! We are trying to post as often as we can, but we hope to push news, offers and info to you even more in the coming months!

- And save the biggest till last, quite a large proportion of our visitors have stated that they would like a detailed list of our products, along with regularly updated prices, and an easier way of viewing what we sell. We completely understand this, and we have been discussing ways around this issue for quite some time, however, the majority of our products changes on a monthly, if not weekly basis, along with regular price changes and variations in stock. We only have a single member of staff managing our online systems, without a large team, we cannot provide an "Online catalogue" style, that many of you are requesting. We really hope you can appreciate, that for a garden centre like ourselves, it really is an impossible task for one person, and would take an unimaginable length of time to update and maintain, even with a team of people. On the flip side, we have planned a way to address this to an extent. Over the next few months, we will be uploading more details of the regular products we sell year in, year out, along with everything we grow and prepare ourselves. It won't be a complete list of everything we sell, but it will be a good range, much better than it is at the moment. Please appreciate that this will take some time, and we will address all of your feedback ASAP!

Sorry about the long post! There was a lot of results to share! Photos, latest news and information will start to be regularly posted again in a few weeks time, we'll be back!

Why not follow us on Instagram too? @clentnurseriesofficial

Thank you everyone :)


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