Brand New Coffee Shop! - Latest News -

Hello everyone! It's what you've all been waiting for! Below are some fantastic photos of our brand new coffee shop. We're still making finishing touches, so you'll see more decor and lighting being added over the coming days. The indoor seating area can accommodate 3 times as many as before, meaning you won't be faced with no tables free! The outdoor patio area is still being finished, but customers are welcome to use the patio area if you wish while we finish it off over the next week. We've got a brand new serving counter to display our fabulous cakes with a lot more spacious feel!

Regarding dogs, there have been multiple questions and requests, the following policy is in place: - Dogs are not permitted inside the coffee shop (With the exception of guide dogs). - Dogs are permitted in the garden centre, and both front and rear patio areas of the coffee shop. - If you wish to take your dog to the rear patio area, please use the new walk around outside of the coffee shop (No walking through inside). We hope you understand this policy, it is to ensure a high level of hygiene, safety and to ensure that customers are kept happy.

Regarding the menu, we're keeping our menu the same for now! We don't have any plans to change our menu at the moment so you can still enjoy our classic food that you love at the same prices! That's right, there will be no price increase, so we're still the good old coffee shop you love ;)

We really hope you enjoy the new facilities, we're making finishing touches over the next few weeks, so you'll see the coffee shop improve even more if you pop in and see us! We're open for bookings and open during our usual times (See website for details).

It's a long post, but hopefully this has answered any questions for you all!

Team Clent :)

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