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We're always excited about new products, change of season, and new in store features to make the Garden Centre and Coffee Shop the best that we can make it. We'd like to let our customers know what we're up to, and what exciting changes are in store. Check out the latest new section below to take a look at what we're doing!

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Latest News:

April 21, 2020

Stock levels of lots of our compost have been replenished! Go to and select "compost", lots of products are now back in stock!

April 18, 2020

More herbaceous plants and bedding plants have now been added to our online store!

April 10, 2020

We have added more products!

- Insect guard

- Frost guard

- A limited range of giftware

- More lighting

- More indoor & outdoor pots

- Pot saucers

- Hanging baskets

- Hanging basket liners

- Cucumber, pepper, tomato and strawberry plants (all in bedding)

- More bedding

- More shrubs

- More chemicals

We are now at a state where the vast majority of our products are online. Thank you for your patience. As always, if you can't find what you're looking for, call...

April 8, 2020

It's taken us a while, but we have now DOUBLED the number of products for sale on our website. We have added:

- Slabs

- Tools

- Outdoor surfacing

- Indoor Pots

- Outdoor Pots

- House plants

- Artificial plants

- More lighting

- Twine and wire

- Tools

- Trellis

- Watering cans

- Canes

- Furniture covers

- Outdoor stoves

- Chimeneas

- Patio heaters

- Hosepipes

- More compost

- Wellies

- A HUGE amount of bedding plants

- More bird feed

- Bulbs

- A HUGE amount of shrubs

- Pa...

April 4, 2020

Good afternoon everyone! Our online store is still open and we're so pleased that orders are flying through!

Just to let you know, we'll be adding the following items on Monday 6th April:

- Limited range of indoor and outdoor pots

- Providing a much bigger range of plants/shrubs.

Keep checking our website! More products are on the way next week.

As always, visit

Any problems, give us a call.

Team Clent.

April 2, 2020

More products are now available on our online store!

We have added the following:

Bird Care

Fences, Paint & Stainer

Hanging Baskets


Plants (Shrubs)

Plants (Bedding)


Stoneware, Grit & Surfacing

We hope there is a good variety of our products on our website for everybody! We have still had to restrict the range of products that we have available online as it is very time consuming to upload all the content to the site. We will continue to add...